District 28 Progress Report January 2022

It is important to inform you on issues and progress during my time in office. My office staff created a progress report, which highlights my first year in office.

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District 28 Snapshot report

It is important we do everything we can to continue improving our community for the betterment of the great residents in District 28. My district office staff created a District Snapshot report, which highlights strong population growth, a resilient local economy and a bright future through infrastructure investments.

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District 28 Progress Report

It is important to inform you on issues and progress during my time in office. My office staff created a progress report, which highlights my first six months in office.

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Meet Rep. Rob Mercuri

PA State Rep. Rob Mercuri represents the 28th Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing parts of Allegheny County.

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How Can My Office Serve You?

My staff will be happy to help you with state-related issues. A few services offered include car registrations; driver’s license renewal and special tags; property tax/rent rebate applications; birth certificate and death record applications; and much more.

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Mercuri’s Mortgage Broker Bill Passes House of Representatives

Rep. Rob Mercuri (R-Allegheny) announced today his bill to allow for remote mortgage origination to continue and allow Pennsylvania’s mortgage brokers to continue working as they are now, whether remotely or in a licensed location, overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives.

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Coronavirus Information

Pennsylvania and Federal Resources regarding updates on the COVID-19 pandemic

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The 28th Legislative District consists of part of ALLEGHENY County. This includes TOWNSHIPS of Marshall, McCandless and Pine and the BOROUGHS of Bradford Woods and Franklin Park.

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Get the details on events that Rep. Rob Mercuri is holding in the 28th Legislative district.

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One out of ten Pennsylvania residents has unclaimed property waiting for them. Search the PA Treasury's unclaimed property database here.

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Press Releases

Fairness, Continuity Emphasized During Redistricting Hearing, Says Mercuri

Jan. 04, 2022 /

MCCANDLESS – In order to account for shifts in population, congressional and legislative districts must be redrawn every 10 years to ensure fairness and equal representation for Pennsylvanians. But what if both principles are absent? Rep. Rob Mercuri (R-Allegheny) hosted a House Majority Policy Committee hearing today to discuss how the Legislative Reapportionment Commission’s (LRC) redistricting map for the state House impacts communities and their constituencies.

Mercuri Says Preliminary State Redistricting Maps Unconstitutional

Dec. 17, 2021 /

HARRISBURG – The state Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC) today approved a preliminary redistricting map for the state House of Representatives and Senate. The vote to accept the preliminary plan for the new House map passed with a 3-2 vote with Chairman Mark Nordenberg voting in favor of the maps. Following the vote, Rep. Rob Mercuri (R-Allegheny) issued this statement.

Funding Secured for The Woodlands Foundation to Help Residents, Says Mercuri

Dec. 07, 2021 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. Rob Mercuri (R-Allegheny) announced today that The Woodlands Foundation in Marshall Township will receive $2 million in funding from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) to continue to serve children and adults with disabilities and chronic illness on the campus.

Funding Addresses Traffic Congestion Issues in 28th District

Nov. 23, 2021 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. Rob Mercuri (R-Allegheny) announced today the Township of Pine will receive $400,000 in funding from the Multimodal Transportation Fund Program, which is administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA).

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