Apr. 01, 2021

NORTH HILLS – To raise awareness and find solutions to issues plaguing the Commonwealth, Rep. Rob Mercuri (R-Allegheny) created the North Hills Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force. It is comprised of local and regional health and human services experts.

“In the midst of the global pandemic, we’ve seen the number of overdoses and cases of mental illness rise dramatically. Not to mention, Pennsylvania falls within the top 10 states with highest number of overdoses, so there’s certainly great need to be addressed,” Mercuri said. “The task force will present innovative solutions to combat the social and financial costs of drug addiction and mental illness.”

Representatives have agreed to serve a two-year term that will end on Nov. 30, 2022. Participating organizations include Jade Wellness, Greenbriar Treatment Center, UPMC, North Hills Community Outreach, Gateway Rehabilitation, Spenser’s Voice, Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry, Pitt PERU, iRise and The Open Door.

“The idea to launch the North Hills Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force was born out of a successful virtual event I hosted in March, A Pathway to Hope. The discussion was informative, but I wanted to do more to help those who are struggling and their families,” Mercuri said.

A Pathway to Hope: A Discussion on Mental Health and Substance Abuse can be viewed online at RepRobMercuri.com/video/latestvideo. Speakers included Dr. Julie D’Alo, executive director of Gateway Rehab; Tina Flowers, founder of Spenser’s Voice; and Tom Baker, executive director of North Hills Community Outreach.

Rep. Rob Mercuri
28th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Alison Evans
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