Sep. 01, 2021

HARRISBURG – Rep. Rob Mercuri (R-Allegheny) released the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement of a mask mandate for K-12 students and day-care centers:

“Implementing a mask mandate at this juncture is yet another example of government overreach by the Wolf Administration. Following a year and a half of hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic, our children were returning to in-person learning, resembling a bit of much-needed normalcy. Now, Gov. Wolf inappropriately interjects his beliefs on how we should move forward.

“The only correct solution is to allow these decisions to be made at the local level by school board members who were elected by the people. The virus has not affected every county the same way. Fitting everyone under an umbrella is irrational.

“Less than a month ago, Gov. Wolf made the correct call by handing over the reins to school districts. Now, he reverses course.

“More recently, we were asked to come back to Harrisburg to pass a mask mandate. When we refused to do so, he decides to go around us, which directly contradicts what most residents voted for on May 18.

“As a father of three children, I relate to many of you who are frustrated over the Wolf administration’s incorrect and inconsistent decision making. It is abundantly clear that there is a lack of leadership and a disregard for the interests of Pennsylvanians.”

Representative Robert Mercuri
28th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Nate Temple