Mar. 01, 2024

HARRISBURG – Reacting to a House Appropriation Committee hearing with heads of state-related universities on Thursday, Feb. 29 with the state-related universities, Rep. Rob Mercuri (R-Allegheny) commended the presidents on their affirmation of conduct codes prohibiting antisemitic words and actions on their campuses.

Mercuri has introduced legislation that would call for taxpayer funding to be restricted from any university that does not clearly outline in their code of conduct that antisemitic behavior is prohibited on campus.

“I was encouraged to hear our state-related university presidents commit to eliminating antisemitism on campus,” Mercuri said. “Hardworking taxpayers and families across Pennsylvania deserve to know that their students and hard-earned tax dollars are not being sent to universities that do not share their values or basic decency.”

House Bill 2001 is currently before the House Education Committee. 

“Today, I call on House leadership to give this bill the attention and priority it deserves,” Mercuri added. “Pennsylvania’s higher education institutions should be a safe, inclusive place for students of all walks of life and this legislation provides critical steps to ensure the safety of our students.” 

Rob Mercuri
28th Legislative District 
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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